Rendell Thompson, provide the full range of insolvency services to companies, businesses and individuals. (Administration, Voluntary Arrangement, Voluntary Liquidation, Compulsory Liquidation and Bankruptcy)

Corporate Insolvency

Administration For better realisations of assets than a liquidation also can be used to save a business.
Corporate Voluntary Arrangement For the saviour of a business with the agreement of the creditors.
Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Insolvent company where cessation of trade is required.
Members Voluntary Liquidation Primarily to distribute assets/cash to the shareholders for a company whose objects have been achieved or retirement of its owners.
Compulsory Liquidation Follows a creditors petition to the court.

Personal Insolvency

Individual Voluntary Arrangement An agreement with the creditors to pay all or part of the debts over a period of time by either voluntary payments or sale of assets. This avoids bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy This is the result of either the debtors petition or a creditors. To be avoided if possible.

Creditors Representation

We will represent creditors at meetings in the south of England free of charge.

Turnaround Solutions

Assistance in developing business forecasts and a strategy for saving an ailing company or business.